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Allows prospective patients to browse, find and select an experienced world-class limb lengthening surgeon for their needs and book a surgery consultation with them online. By picking a top-notch surgeon from our listing, you're less likely to develop a complication.

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Unlock Unparalleled Support on Your Limb Lengthening Journey with Exclusive Membership Access to message surgeons, physical therapist, dietitian and patients alike in real time for peace of mind and invaluable insight.

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Learn how to properly condition your soft-tissues prior to surgery. Rest assured that you are maintaining ideal muscle flexibility to prevent complications and reach your lengthening goal safely with our limb lengthening physical therapist.

Nutrition Corner

Expedite your post-surgery recovery with the guidance of our clinical dietitian. Learn which healthy foods & supplements to consume for optimizing bone and muscle healing all for less than your current grocery bill.

Why The C4LLective was created?

The C4LLective was created in response to the current state of limb lengthening - more exposure from media outlets and more orthopedic surgeons entering the field. Many patients who are attracted by these mass media publications are not always properly indoctrinated with how the procedure works or the risks that are involved. Also, many surgeons lack the experience to troubleshoot when complications arise.

Even with the Cyborg 4 Life YouTube channel interviews with world-class surgeons and limb lengthening patients who share their experience, many patients still feel lost and fall into the grasp of inexperienced clinics and develop unnecessary complications.

Many times a patient will make their decision off of the price alone instead of ensuring their safety via value-based logic. This leads to them picking clinics that provide the cheapest procedure - in terms of device and least amount of experience - thus playing roulette with their legs. Patients just want to know that they can get limb lengthening done safely and return to a preoperative level of functioning and activity afterwards.

I've decided it's time to act and offer them THE SERVICE they've been asking for as the answer to the question "hey Vic, where should I do this surgery and how should I go about lengthening?"

And so, The C4LLective Limb Lengthening Service was created to serve these prospective and current patients, offering them a much better chance for success. It's a limb lengthening surgery booking network that guides patients to make safe choices as opposed to the poor decisions they might make on their own.

The C4LLective will offer access to the top tier elite LL surgeons whose surgical skill, ability to mitigate and treat complications, as well as phenomenal track records of success will ensure patients arrive at a good end result, thus setting themselves apart from the rest of the field. On top of the surgeon selection service, several helpful services (physical therapy, nutrition, and surgeon advice) are offered to patients to support and further improve their chances at a great end result.

Victor (Cyborg)

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Final Word

Picking the right limb lengthening surgeon can be a daunting task. With so many options and a lack of reliable resources, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure of which doctor to trust

But what if you had access to the best limb lengthening surgeons, along with the support and resources needed to make an informed decision?

The C4LLective is here to help. With our premium support and resources for prospective and current patients, you can rest assured that you will find the best limb lengthening surgeon for your needs.

If you've read this far, I'd like to personally thank you for wanting more from your lengthening journey. You obviously wish to take a safe route which won't only help you achieve your lengthening goals, but also help reduce the stigma around the procedure because if there's less complications, the surgery will naturally garner a healthier reputation from society which is important for the industry to grow as it continues to change many lives for the better!

Victor Egonu

Cyborg 4 Life - Founder

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