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Surgeon Support

Second Opinion Revision

  • Check in with a world class LL surgeon to review your x-rays to assess bone healing and alignment.

  • Get insight on what a symptom could mean so you can check with your surgeon and get it addressed asap to avoid complications.

  • Gain peace of mind and ease your worries along the way by discussing all of your worries with the surgeon.

Physical Therapy

Reduce Pain & Increase Flexibility

  • Rehab Routines for Pre-surgery, During lengthening & into consolidation

  • Already have a Physiotherapist? Great. Use us for improved accountability during your at-home-PT-stretching sessions

  • Your local PT not trained in limb lengthening? No problem! We'll coordinate and instruct them how to best help you

Nutrition Corner

Heal Your Bones & Recover Faster

  • Learn what foods to eat, when and how much of each to eat based on your activity status during LL and after you start walking again

  • Optimize your diet with a certified nutritionist to prevent poor bone growth as in delayed & non-unions

  • Rebuild atrophied and grow new muscle tissue after months of being sedentary so you can regain a normal walk and activities sooner

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