About Us

The C4LLective is a limb lengthening surgery service for prospective and current patients looking for the best surgeons and a support network to guide them on their lengthening journey.

Our goal is to dispel the stigma surrounding the procedure by reducing complications, elevating surgical standards and improving patient recovery.

Hey what's up! My name is Victor

Some people call me Cyborg

And I'm here to tell you briefly about how The C4LLective was started.

After having my own leg lengthening surgery done I wanted to pay it forward and decided to start a YouTube channel called Cyborg 4 Life in early 2020. Well, after I delved deeper into the limb lengthening industry during the pandemic and thereafter, I realized there was a heavy demand from patients who wanted to get the procedure done yet a small supply of experienced surgeons who could perform it safely without avoidable complications.

I've received too many messages from patients who would get the procedure done at clinics where cost was low, devices were obsolete and complications were high. After hearing the plea from limb lengthening patients, we agreed it was time to do something about it.

So, we came up with the idea to help prospective patients select their surgeon from an elite world class listing with whom I'd feel comfortable getting my own surgery done.

Not only that, but we realized that there was a need for patients to have premium support along their lengthening journey so that if they had a question they could ask a surgeon, physical therapist, former patient, dietitian and other experts and get a response in a timely fashion which would give them mental reprieve and motivated to achieve their lengthening goal.

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